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Decorue is an experienced interior design firm who specializes in creating beautiful and unique living spaces. From concept to completion, we offer a comprehensive solution for any interior design project - no job is too big or small.

Decorue | Interior Design & Decor | Frisco, Texas

Interior Design

Whether you are currently building your first home or undergoing a kitchen renovation, our team is ready to support you in turning a design dream into reality. Our design process entails review of your preferences, household habits, and functional needs in order to curate the space you desire.


Looking to add new earth tones into your living room? Not sure what to do with a blank hall way space? We offer a range of product ideas that will best fit any space or corner in your home. From rugs design choices, to coordinating color palettes, our team is ready to support your decorating needs. 


It's essential to create a visually appealing and inviting space for potential buyers or renters by highlighting the best features of the property. That's were we come in. By providing the best in class strategies to help prepare for your sale, our tailored solutions will give you the confidence you need to maximize your home’s value.

Brand Partnerships

Have a product you want to showcase to a décor audience?  We believe that collaborating with the right partners can open up exciting new opportunities for interior design. That's why we work with carefully selected brands to bring our customers the best products for their spaces. Use our numerous social media channels to reveal new products or increase awareness on existing product lines. 

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